Getting to and departing from a place like Port Everglades can be very challenging because there is always a lot going on at once. Just in 2019, the port was ranked the third-busiest cruise homeport in the world and recorded a total number of 3.39 million passengers that year.

It’s always crowded with people who are also busy trying to find their way and get to their cruise on time. This is no place for any tourist or anyone to navigate alone. You can take the chip off your shoulder and have the most wonderful Port Everglades experience by hiring Lux VIP Transportation for your chauffeur service.

Lux VIP Transportation is a luxury ground transportation company based in Florida. We provide the best chauffeur service in the state. And we are known for going above and beyond for the satisfaction of our clients.

Whether you’re a tourist visiting Florida through the Port Everglades cruise or a resident who wants to leave in a grand style, Lux VIP Transportation should be your choice when you think of luxury and safe car ride services.

Who should hire us for their Port Everglades Trips?

  • Businesspeople

There’s nothing more honorary than leaving your building in the morning dressed in a polished suit and getting picked up by a black Mercedes Benz s550. Imagine being welcomed with a beautiful smile by our chauffeur while he’s holding the door for you. This is the most fashionable way to commence a business trip.

A similar level of luxury awaits you after your business trip. Perhaps, you’re coming into the state of Florida for a business meeting. Your journey will be from a sea cruise to another luxurious ride. Our chauffeur will pick you up from the port and drive you safely to your hotel via the shortest route.

  • Families

Fathers, who say you shouldn’t start having fun right from your house? No father or mother should begin their fun day by stressing over where to park their vehicle at Port Everglades.

You should be observing the great architecture of the port with your family. Plus, you wouldn’t want to spend an additional fee of $15 to park your vehicle for a day in Port Everglades.

Why not give your family the best vacation? Let’s pick you up at your house and take you to the port in the most exotic style. Give your children a fun day that begins right from the front of your home.

  • Colleagues

Telling your team to meet at Port Everglades is a bad idea. You will spend the whole day on phone calls while trying to describe the meeting point to each member of the team.

If care is not taken, you may have to continue the trip without some people because they couldn’t meet up or figure out the meeting point. Your team worked together; they deserve to enjoy together, and that’s only possible by hiring Lux VIP Transportation to move the whole team to the port.

We have a 10-seater Mercedes Benz Sprinter capable of the job, and we can provide a bigger bus for a bigger team. None of your team members will be left behind, and there will be enough room for everyone to enjoy the ride.

  • Schools

With a total jurisdiction area of 2,190 acres of land, you need a luxurious bus to show your students the port region and important buildings. You need one so big that your students can sit comfortably even with their backpacks on them.

Also, getting a bus from Lux transportation will ensure the safety of your students. They all will move together, and none of them will wander off. Also, the ventilation of the bus is great; there’s room for the health-challenged student to travel with others.

Port Everglades Luxury Transportation

Why should you hire a luxury car service for your trips to or from Port Everglades?

  • You need someone that knows the routes and terrains better

You may have lived and resided in Florida all your lives, but you can’t understand the routes like us unless you work in the port. We have chauffeurs that tour this destination almost every day, and they know the place better. They know all four entrances into Port Everglades, and which one is faster to your cruise ship.

  • To take off the pressure of driving carefully while looking at the map

It’s normal to depend on your map when navigating an unfamiliar area. But it becomes difficult when the strange place is Port Everglades, with many people and cars. You need Lux VIP transportation to provide you with a chauffeur and a luxury ride.

  • To sightsee and keep the fun

You should be sightseeing instead of studying the map and looking for a parking spot. Hire us to handle the stressful part of your trip while you have all the fun.

  • Parking fees and parking issues

Trust us when we say it’s a difficult task to deal with. You can cross it off your stress list when you book us for your trip to Port Everglades.

  • Convenience and Luxury

Avoid backache and pain by choosing convenience and luxury. Our luxurious cars are packed with the comfort you need during your travels.

Why should you hire Lux VIP Transportation for your Port Everglades Luxury Transportation needs?

  • We are Florida-based

Our head office is in Naples, Florida. We are just 2 hours away from Fort Lauderdale (Port Everglades). Therefore, believe us that we know the place and how to navigate it.

  • We have experienced chauffeurs

Lux VIP Transportation offers nothing that’s below the very best. We use a very strict recruitment process to select our drivers. They are all experienced and hospitable.

  • Our fleet choice

It took us a lot of work and time to gather our fleet, but we are so happy with the outcome, and want to share them with you. Lux VIP Transportation offers beautiful, luxurious cars that comfort and boost travelers’ egos.

  • Safety

All our cars have GPS trackers, so your safety is assured. Moreover, it’s safer to be guided by a chauffeur that knows the way around Florida than depending only on Google maps.

If you need luxury ground transportation to Port Everglades cruise port or from Port Everglades cruise port, contact Lux VIP Transportation at 877-737-1589 or Book Online.