Privacy and luxury are the reasons why people fly private. These two benefits can be further enjoyed when a luxury car is waiting to pick you up at the airstrip.

Are you a celebrity or a CEO who desires to visit Naples without being noticed by the media? Lux VIP transportation is ready to help you maintain your low profile. We will help you extend the luxury of your private plane travel by providing a car or limo that offers the same level of comfort and entertainment as the plane.

Lux VIP transportation is a company that specializes in providing comfort and privacy through our well-appointed luxury ground transportation service. We use cars loved by CEOs and business moguls to transport our clients to their hotel rooms or event. Our chauffeurs are the best drivers in town; you can trust them to keep your life and private discussions safe.

Who should hire us for their Naples Private Airport trips?

  • Celebrities

You also deserve to enjoy your privacy as a musician, actor, or influencer. There should be times to avoid the camera flashes and public recognition of the celebrity life and spend some private time with your family and loved ones. On such days, you must land at a private airport and get picked up by a luxury car or limo. You can also use our service when you intend to move from your house in Miami to the Naples Private Airport without being noticed.

  • Businesspeople

Unfortunately, you can’t go everywhere with your exotic Mercedes Benz or Cadillac. However, you can always get them from us. We can provide you with cars of the same caliber as those you used where you’re based. Lux VIP transportation services also cover you if you intend to try a different model. You will never miss the CEO vibes you had at home, even while you’re away in Florida.

  • Athletes

Luxurious buses are available for athletic teams coming into or leaving Florida. Athletes need to be in the right mind before their games and avoid anything that will stress their mental state. We can help by providing a comfortable pickup from the Naples Private Airport. Our buses are spacious and will give enough room for each player to get comfy while being transported to the hotel or arena.

  • Families

You can sneak in and out of Florida with your family with our help. Also, hire us for the fun of traveling with your family in one car. We have SUVs of 5-passenger and 6-luggage capacities for moving a whole family at a go. Lux transportation can get you a bigger vehicle for your big family.

Naples Private Airport Luxury Transportation

Why should you hire a luxury car service for your trip to or from Naples Private Airport?

  • Privacy: Everyone is entitled to their privacy. Even as a public figure or celebrity, there will be days you wish to travel and have no camera roll on your face everywhere. On this day, you need a luxury car rental service to pick you up or drop you at Naples Private Airport.
  • Luxury: Using a luxury car rental service is the only way to enjoy the comfy of exotic cars even when you’re in Naples, far away from home. If you would like, we can arrange the same model of your car as your pickup vehicle.
  • Fast and safe: Using a private airport is fast and secure; you can bypass the traffic. It’s the same experience for luxury car rentals. We will pick you up fast and drive you to your destination safely.

Why should you hire Lux VIP transportation for your Naples Private Airport Luxury Transportation Needs?

  • Naples-based

Our head office is in Naples, just a few miles from the airport. We know this terrain better than other companies. Therefore, trust us when we say we will be there to pick you up on time.

  • Available 24/7

Don’t panic when your plane lands at night. Lux VIP transportation is available 24/7. Let duty call anytime; we are here for you.

  • Mobile Application

We have a mobile app compatible with all android and iOS devices. Download and install the app on your phone from Playstore or Apple store. You can contact us anytime.

  • Skillful and experienced chauffeurs

Lux VIP transportations make all our chauffeurs undergo a strict selection process to test their driving skills. They are all experienced, hospitable, and interactive. You will surely enjoy your time with us.