Important tips for arranging VIP car transport

Every guest is important to the success of any event and VIP guests play a valuable part in the success of any event. It is not only important to observe VIP protocols during the course of the event but also arrange a safe and reliable VIP car transport to your esteemed guests. Most of the VIPs have demanding schedules; hence last-minute changes are inevitable. When the stakes are high and a high- quality service is expected, it is often desirable to outsource executive transportation. Apart from
availing third-party VIP car transport services, you will need to follow the following tips for coordinating VIP transportation services.


Assign a dedicated coordinator

Addressing schedule changes is time consuming and the process becomes even more painful if you have to attend to a plethora of VIP executives. You will need to make non-stop calls and answer to a blast of emails as well as text messages to confirm pick-up and drop-off times. An increase in the number of VIP guests often leads to confusion and a greater probability of miscommunication. Hence, it is essential that a dedicated staff member be assigned to the task of coordinating VIP car transport.

It is advisable to rely on a transportation management company if there isn’t a dedicated personnel available for the job. Professional transportation companies assign a program manager (PM) to handle the entire transportation part of your event. An expert PM has the ability to anticipate and adapt tochanges quickly. Moreover, an experienced PM always have backup plans in place to avoid any disruption. Having a dedicated and a seasoned professional ensures that critical information and schedule changes are tracked without being affected by driver shifts or car replacements.


Choose the right VIP car transport

You must not take undue risk by selecting unfamiliar transportation services who do not have a valid track record. It is critical to choose a VIP car transport service that has the essential credentials as well as the necessary experience to handle different types VIP. More importantly, the company must be able to fulfil your unique needs. It is necessary to arrange driver interviews, conduct background checks and inspect the car fleet before hiring a company for VIP car transport. To save time, you can request detailed information about their experience with similar transportation programs.

Know your VIP customer

Your VIP car transport company must be well aware about the nuances of your events and your VIP guests. You must update the company about any special requests or any other critical details ahead of time. Understanding your esteemed customers will enable the transport company to efficiently coordinate and make decisions while responding to any last minute changes. Moreover, you can provide an additional level of comfort to your VIP guests if you know that they require any special
services other than standard requirements like plush cabin, mobile phone chargers, newspapers, water bottles, cabin space and extra legroom.


How can we help you?

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