Arcadia in Southwest Florida is a nice place to live and visit if you love the rural and quiet part of life. The city is usually referred to as the historic downtown antique district of Florida. It’s that part of the state you can live a cowboy life without migrating to Texas or Tennessee.

The city is situated right in the middle of DeSoto County, Florida. It’s bounded on the West by Sarasota and Bradenton, and on the south by Fort Myers. Arcadia is where the old West meets the Old South.

The people of the city live the cowboy lifestyle. It’s no surprise as Arcadia is the site for hosting Rodeos and other competitions that involves cows and horses.

The residents also engage in other festivals like the Watermelon festival that comes up in May, and the DeSoto county fair. They are also known for using woods for camping, building streams for canoeing, and growing orange groves. It’s such a wonderful place to be.

Though the population of people in this city is 7420 (in 2020) and relatively small compared to other cities in the country, you can really use the service of a private transportation company.

Transportation in Arcadia is mainly through public buses, which may not suit your taste as a businessman, visitor, or tourist in the city. You can book luxurious rides with lux VIP transportation services for smooth trips within Arcadia during your stay.

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Best Time to Visit Arcadia

Arcadia is a sunny city. The city gets more sunny days than most places in the United States of America. The sunny days in Arcadia supersede the U.S. average of 206 days. The people of Arcadia could experience about 261 sunny days in a year.

The worst months to visit Arcadia, Florida are July and August. The temperature could climb high to 92 degree Celsius. It’s usually hot and harsh on the body. The pleasant months to visit this part of the world are March, April, and November.

Luxury Accommodation Options

There are lots of accommodation options awaiting you in Arcadia. High-ranking hotels, motels, pool houses, and inns are scattered within the city. Some are loaded with incredible features like free WiFi, free parking, air-conditioning, pools, and a fitness center.

The prices of accommodation in this city are cheap and very affordable. You can sleep in a luxurious hotel for as low as $150 per night.

The following are five great accommodation options for people coming into Arcadia, Florida.

  • Oak Park Inn by OYO
  • Holiday Inn Express Hotel and Suites Arcadia
  • Comfort Inn and Suites
  • Knights Inn Arcadia
  • Historic Arcadia Bungalow in Downtown

Luxury Transportation options in Arcadia

Transportation in Arcadia is mainly through public buses and private transportation services. You should consider booking a ride for your smooth movement within the city. There are several options available, but Lux VIP transportation services remain the best of them.

The company is Florida-based, and they have been in the business for more than a decade. They are well aware of the rules and state laws guiding the business. They can be trusted to provide you with the best transportation services in the city of Arcadia.

The goal of the company is to allow tourists and residents to enjoy the luxury of comfortable and safe transportation. Therefore, we have a fleet of the most beautiful executive rides, which includes sedans, SUVs, and limousines from well-respected brands like Cadillac and Benz. Lux VIP transportation can provide you with rides that connote respect and royalty.

We lead the industry with technology and amazing services. Our chauffeurs are experienced, hospitable, and well-mannered. The company is always open 24/7, Monday through Sunday. Also, you can book us and chat with our customer services via our mobile app that’s compatible with android and iPhone devices.

Fine Dining and Exclusive Cuisines

There is more about Arcadia than Rodeos and antiques. It’s also a place for trying some delicious meals and enjoying some local cuisines. The city has lots of restaurants, fast food, bakeries and Lounges and bar.

Though it’s situated deep inside the heart of the DeSoto country, you can still have Mexican delicacies. You can stop by the El Charro Mexican Restaurant or La Placito Mexicana on Brevard Avenue for sweet Tacos and Carnitas.

You can start your morning with tea and bread served at Yellow Deli restaurant and bakery on Polk Avenue. Sweet cakes and sandwiches are available at the Martin’s Country Market. You can get your chickens from Terra-Fried chicken.

There will always be something new to try out during your stay in the great city. If you’re planning to expand your taste buds, the following are the places to eat in Arcadia.

  • Slim’s Bar-B-Q
  • Azul Tequila Arcadia
  • Red zone
  • Lon Compadres, Inc
  • The Open Road Bar and Grill

Exclusive Activities and Experiences in Arcadia, Florida

The surest method to develop goosebumps in Arcadia is to experience the Rodeo championship events live in the stadium. Top athletes from everywhere across the globe come to participate in the championship.

It’s a fierce competition, and there’s no feeling close to watching it from such proximity. Plus, the crowd cheering is crazy. You’ll definitely want to be part of it. We advise you to visit when there’s an event. You can see the schedule for this year’s competition here.

The Arcadia Opera house is a place for couples. It’s also known as the Florida bizarre and haunted antique store. This museum has been the site of many paranormal investigations. There was once news of a ghost screaming in the big antique house. You would want to stay close to your partner when you visit the store.

The museum is one of the many antique stores in Arcadia. There are others like the Arcadia seas, Cory’s Antiques, Timeless Treasures, Relics on oaks, and Twice as Nice Antiques.

You can also go to the Lions, Tigers, and Bears for some wildlife experiences. Camping is also a common experience among the people of Arcadia. There are plenty of outdoor places to pitch a tent and watch flow downstream.

Trips for Planning a Luxury trip to Arcadia, Florida

Arcadia in Florida is a nice place for a vacation. There are tourist attractions to see, luxury hotels for accommodations, luxury car rental services for transportation, antique shops for collections, and restaurant for foodie tours. You can have amazing experiences in this small city but it requires planning.

The following are tips for having a wonderful time in Arcadia, Florida.

  • Park your gear for the weather

Arcadia is usually hot; you need to come prepared. Pack your shorts, loose breathable clothes, and sunglasses. You should also buy a camping tent for a good outdoor experience. A cowboy hat will help to blend in and looks like a resident.

  • Prepare some money for antiques

This city is the Florida home for antiques. There’s no way you’ll go home without buying one or two from a shop. Therefore, you should come with your wallet full.

  • Book a car from Lux VIP transportation services

Transportation is essential for a luxury trip in Arcadia. You need a ride right from the moment you arrive at the airport. Book us for your pickup and movements within the city. We have family-size cars for your family vacation in Arcadia.

  • Use a close airport for your arrival

You can reduce the stress of traveling when you arrive via an airport that’s close to the city. The closest is the Charlotte county airport – it’s just 25 miles away from the city. You can also use Sarasota-Bradento Airport (50 miles away) and Southwest Florida International Airport (60 miles away).


Luxury is one of the elements that make a great vacation or trip. It’s the element of fun, comfort, and entertainment; you do not want to exclude it from your planning. Get a luxury ride and apartment for your trip to Arcadia.