A brief guide to planning event transportation services

Event transportation plays an important role in the organization of any event. The success of this critical function largely depends on how you plan the entire process and to whom do you delegate the responsibility. Managing event transportation is challenging and there are a number of factors that influence the decisions you make while arranging the transportation.


Some of these factors are the number of attendees, the number of people who need prearranged transport and the routes that need to be followed. There are other important factors that should be considered and the following valuable tips will help you to plan the transportation like a true professional.

Opting for a suitable transportation plan

Different people will have different travel requirements depending upon their pickup and drop-off locations. You will have to plan a suitable transportation strategy depending upon every attendees convenience. For example, it makes sense to arrange a single bus for a corporate event if your employees are going to board the bus on a single location. On the other hand, you will need to arrange multiple vehicles if your employees need to be picked up from multiple locations.


Prioritize travel routes

It is critical to optimize travel routes for saving costs and increasing convenience. You will have to consider the travel routes for different attendees and coalesce different routes to decide upon a cost effective transportation plan. For instance, two different routes can be combined and a single mini- coach can be hired instead of relying on two different SUVs for carrying passengers on these routes. Finalization of transportation plan must depend on the prioritization of travel routes. Professionals at Lux VIP transportation work closely with the clients to plan the transportation and select geographically desirable routes.

Opt for more capacity than required

Do not forget to consider the space occupied by the luggage and belongings accompanying the passengers. It is difficult to ascertain the exact cargo space needed during the transportation; hence plan for more capacity in order to avoid inconvenience. As a rule of thumb, it is advisable to consider 20% more capacity than the required space.

Select personalized transportation services

Make your attendees and guests happy by personalizing their transportation experience. Today’s travellers have high expectations from the transportation service providers and you must get a detailed roadmap about their unique and personalized needs. There is a growing trends amongst people to combine business with leisure. It is worth making provisions for a navigation system, a mobile recharge outlet, child car seats, seatback foldable food trays or a ski rack. Provisioning of these amenities ensure that your services have exceeded your guest’s expectations.

Select ADA compliant buses

Professional transportation planners usually select buses that are compliant with the requirements specified by American with Disabilities Act (ACT). An ADA compliant bus will prove to be a valuable asset to attendees who are physically challenged. At Lux VIP transportation, we provide vehicles that have necessary permits and comply with parking regulations. Moreover, our vehicles and drivers meet the guidelines provided by the Department of Transportation (DOT).


Choose your service provider wisely

Very often, you will find it difficult to select a transportation service provider because all the companies promise to fulfil your needs. However, very companies deliver on their promise and so you must make your selection judiciously. Select those experienced companies who can negotiate best rates for providing high-quality transportation and who have won positive customer testimonials. Moreover, the service provider who is your partner in making the event a success. Lux VIP
transportation is a reputable company that has built long-term relationships with its clients by providing trustworthy services.

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